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Concrete Retaining Walls Overview

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There are more occasions in the construction market today where there is limited ground for development, and retaining walls may be specified to extend the area of level ground available for building. Alternatively, walls may be simply required to create terraces and attractive landscaping, particularly on the more prestigious developments. Anderton Concrete offers a whole range of retaining wall and soil reinforcement solutions to cater for these requirements.

The engineering team at Anderton Concrete provides technical advice working with all associated parties offering valuable assistance in selecting and developing the most appropriate solution depending on a number of factors including the steepness of the slope, the underlying soil conditions and the precise purpose of the wall. From the outset these considerations will be factored into the final geotechnical solution.

Modular retaining walls and reinforced soil retaining systems continue to grow in popularity and this is anticipated to continue as the reinforced segmental block wall technology developed and established in the U.S. continues to be transferred into the UK and Europe.

Stepoc is a unique totally engineered system of dimensionally coordinated components, manufactured to BS EN 15435:2008 and is a direct alternative to shuttered concrete.

  • Dry laid, with or without reinforcement, and then filled with in-situ concrete
  • Walls with exceptional compressive and lateral strengths
  • Ideal for the rapid, secure creation of basements or lower level walls when building into uneven sites.
  • Frequently used for swimming pools and infill panels to large steel framed structures.
  • SEAP High Level Rating for Security Barrier System

Keystone is the installer’s favourite as well as being the practical and economic alternative to gabion, crib and cast-in-situ walls.

  • System of modular, retaining wall blocks that are manufactured from high strength, durable concrete
  • Dry laid and can be used in conjunction with a geogrid to provide tall walls or to accommodate high surcharges.
  • Positive connection with proprietary geogrid systems that has enabled it to be built to heights of over 15 metres worldwide
  • Ideal for roadside and bridge locations
  • Keystone can also be used with or without a concrete backing to create a gravity wall.
  • Keystone has the British Board of Agrément approval under HAPAS Certificate No. 14/H217.

Slope-Loc is a recent addition to the family of concrete retaining wall block products which is intended for similar applications to Keystone but it offers a sloped face finish which in certain situations is more preferable to the traditional vertical face.

We offer lunchtime CPD seminars on our Retaining Wall Systems. For more information or to book a seminar please contact our Civils team.

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