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Rail Case Studies

Anderton supply Carillion Rail on GN/GE

Anderton is currently supplying approximately 50km of C/1 troughing to Carillion Rail on the GN/GE project. Anderton commenced delivery to the project in August and is now a good way towards completing supply to the first four phases of the five phase project.

Shaun Forrester of Anderton’s commented, "The short time-frame of the project has presented tough challenges which have been met and achieved with excellent support from our Production and Logistics Team and close liaison between Head Office and the on-site Carillion Rail Team."

The GN/GE project is an upgrade of the existing joint line between Doncaster andPeterborough. The project is part of the larger East Coast Mainline Capacity Relief Project and will provide a significantly upgraded line that can be used as the primary daytime route for freight traffic.

Rail Case Studies



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