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Stepoc Concrete Shuttering System


Stepoc is a system of concrete shuttering blocks that are highly-engineered and dimensionally co-ordinated. Stepoc is designed to readily accept vertical and horizontal reinforcement for use where structural performance is the prime consideration and is THE REAL ALTERNATIVE TO SHUTTERED CONCRETE offering cost savings on both time and labour.

Stepoc’s unique design enables vertical and horizontal reinforcement to be placed adjacent to either block face, or both if required, to ensure that maximum strength is achieved just where it’s needed.

Stepoc is filled with concrete, which is pumped down through the inter-connected cavities in the blocks. The blocks’ unique design creates a cascade or waterfall effect which ensures a smooth filling of the pumped concrete, forcing out air and eliminating segregation, to create walls which have immense compressive and lateral strength. Stepoc walls have achieved the highest rating for a Security Barrier System under the SEAP (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) testing regime.

Stepoc enables the fast construction of single skin retaining walls up to 4.0 metres high, subject to a design carried out by a structural engineer. Stepoc can be filled in a single pour from 1.8-2.25m depending on block thickness.

Stepoc is available in three widths, 200, 256 & 325mm and at less than 20kg all units are well within the HSE guidelines for a single man repetitive lift. Stepoc is proven in use on applications the length and breadth of the UK and has the backing of an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry.

Type 200 (fk - 14N/mm2)


Type 256 (fk - 18N/mm2)


Type 325 (fk - 18N/mm2)


Code Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
L2 400 200 225  17.3
L3 400 200 225  16.9
L4 200 200 225  8.4
V2 400 256 225  19.7
V3 400 256 225  19.9
V5 133 256 225  7.5
V6 133 256 225  7.6
Z2 325 325 225  19.0
Z3 325 325 225  19.4
Z4 162.5 325 225  9.8


Stepoc combines the ease of blockwork construction with the versatility of in-situ concrete, and yet is faster to apply than both, making it an ideal component for :

  • Retaining walls
  • Basement walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Laterally-loaded panels
  • Blast panels
  • Lift shafts
  • Platform edges

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